Whale One is your shortest way to Cloud Native.


Infrastructure as Code

We write IaC so your services are manageable and configurable

CI / CD Pipelines

We estable estable CI / CD pipelines to deliver results to businesses continually

Multiple Environments

We establish multiple environments to tast and use your services.

Cloud Providers

We support multiple providers – AWS, Azure, DO, GCP etc

Solution Architecture

We bring product designers to design your product or service and then map it to the cloud infrastucture logic.

Multiple Templates

We have templates for most of the business, but in any case they are easily customizable


Journey to a better business with the Cloud

o o cclclouWe, the team (Vladimir and Michael), created an assembly line for the products in our premises, so we became a startup factory of our own. Some of the case succesful products were We Love Remote Jobs, Mental Community, Sportiks etc.

With this assembly line in place, we needed a faster way to create new MVPs, new products, to test new ideas, to accelerate existing ones and to do so for our customers as well.

After we realised that we have mastered build SaaS and faster, we thought that we should explore new territories, or, in our cases, air space, the Cloud. 

We applied the same low-code lean approach to the cloud and became succesfully not in just build Dockerized apps, but also in using coded modules to build cloud-native infrustructure.

Then we decided to involve more people from the community, because we want to work with the best people in the industry and with the individuals who are motivated not only by paychecks, but also by intristic desire to build something great, make a fine-tuned product.

Our team is made of professionals, we have multi-talented Devops Engineer, Software Engineers, Product Designers.

Our customers are our partners and we love them, they love us, we are grateful to each other. This is a new chapter – re-territorization again and further acceletation.