Whale One is your shortest low-code way to technogy for your startup

All Features

Out-of-box SaaS Patterns for your Statup

We bring you typitcal modules for SaaS

  • Authorization
  • Admin pannel
  • Dashboard
  • Subscriptions
  • Payments
  • etc
Cloud Ready

Whale One is a cloud-ready solution. It features multiple microservices, compatible with any cloud.

Scrappers and Parsers

We have multiple parsers and scrappers for static and dynamic content. This data is delivered directly to your Dashboard.

Machine Learning Pipelines

We have Machine Learning jobs to train models for your domain.

Multiple Templates

We have templates for most of the business, but in any case they are easily customizable

Your business and your customers

We try to know your business and your customers, so we don’t just offer any thing that just works, we keep in mind the placement of your product and convenience for your current or future customers.


We build your SaaS not only for web but for mobile and other non-typical platforms, because we use most of the web techology

Relevant but cusomized tools

We provide you a set of tools:

  • Parsers
  • Admin pannel
  • APIs
  • Database integration

Not only we have a list of 3rd party integrations, but also we create any custom integration on your request.

Data Engineering ETL Jobs

We have pipelines for various data flows


More than builder and an actual product for products

We, the team (Vladimir and Michael), created an assembly line for the products in our premises, so we became a startup factory of our own. Some of the case succesful products were We Love Remote Jobs, Mental Community, Sportiks etc.

With this assembly line in place, we needed a faster way to create new MVPs, new products, to test new ideas, to accelerate existing ones and to do so for our customers as well.

We also have a good understand of the domain. Yes, of course, you know your business better, but we wanted to have a guranteed  tech solutions for your customers and to give your business an out-of-box SaaS for their startups.

Our team is made of professionals, we have multi-talented engineers, designers, content-writers, engineers, account managers, HR managers and even musicians.

Our customers are our partners and we love them, they love us, we are grateful to each other.