Today the pace of new startups appearing is enormous. We’re not focusing which ones succeed and which do not. Let’s think of a trajectory how to build a tech strong startup.

For example, you’re creating a truck dispatch company, you may have or may have not customers, but certainly you need to be present somewhere and give yourself and your stakeholder a set of working tools.

So the must-have list is the following:

  • Landing page + blog
  • Back-office (admin panel)
  • CRM with your business entities
  • Tools like parsers, scrappers, crawlers and other pipelines.
  • APIs to integrate (with other tools)

And now let’s re-conciliate these tools with your strategic goals:

  1. You have a single page or multi-page front office website, therefore you can run ads and successfully advertise your newly created startup. With the blog posts, you reach you audience with your contents. It’s also nice when you can create rich reusable branded content within your blog.
  2. You have an admin panel, therefore you collect and process your business data and your leads from a single location and with multi-user access.
  3. You don’t necessarily need a third party CRM, because you can’t use your admin panel and operate with existing or new customers and give them personal access.
  4. When you collect data from 3rd party sources, that’s a good baseline for your startup.
  5. As you have APIs, you’re able to integrate your data into the 3rd party tools or the other way round.

That’s basically a tech shortlist for a startup to get started. At Whale One we have all these tools for out of box and you’ll quickly gain your presence so you can focus solely on customer development