Most of the time, people think they need an UI designer to build UI for their product and this is true, you need someone to visualize your idea for you. 

With this thought in mind, you usually go and hire an UI Designer / Web Designer / Web agency to create an impressive canvas for you to like and potentially impress your users. But here come the caveats you get when you do this:

  1. The UI designer supraficially understand your product, they don’t usually take time to dive deeper into your requiremenets and user stories to be able to reflect properly the features you seek to develop.
  2. They don’t understand your users. Rarely do they care about final users of your web / mobile app. Most of the time they don’t think about the desired outcome for the final users.
  3. Some UI Designers really skip the UX part. Even though a designer might deliver a good UI Kit, good color scheme, they might not think about navigating the app and the optimal way for users to make use of the app.

Someitmes you might get a greate result with the UI designers you work with, but most of the time what you need is to work with a product designer!

Yes, becoming a product desginer takes years of experience, and it’s more like a practice or particular system of knowledge rather than a learned job. Probably that’s mostly a UI designer with the skills of a product manager. Yes, that’s a rare beast to find, but I think you can do this is you look closer. Here are the advantages if you eventually decide to work with a product designer:

  1. Product designers keep in mind the features you want, they might even elaborate on them and suggest better options for them
  2. Product designers are focused on creating the UX for your final users of course.
  3. Product designers consider designing and, most of the time, know how the general feel of the product should be.
  4. For a product designer, your app is not just a set of colors, fonts and elements from UI kit – it’s the process of having the app systemized, creating the whole system around you product. Of course it also implies having the design system in place.

To sum it up, whenever you can hire a product designer for your new product, do so in order to have a quality scalable product right from the start

By the way, the product is designed for you out-of-box with SaaS builder Whale One.