Friends and partners,

This is Vladimir and I would like to introduce you to Whale One, our product – a Low-Code Way to build and create web apps, mobile apps, SaaS, cloud apps.

With years of experience, we researched typical SaaS patterns and build multiple reusable modules for your startup to create an MVP in the shortest span possible. In this way, we bring you the following:

  1. Cloud ready pre-built solution.
  2. Customizable low-code solution.
  3. Microservices architecture .
  4. Low-code approaching quick adjustment to your needs
  5. Multi-tool solution – web apps, admin panel, parser scrappers etc

In a nutshell, instead of delivering an MVP in 10 weeks, we do this in 2 weeks, your time-to-market shortens significantly.

Stay tuned as we proceed posting product updates.